JHISN Newsletter 05/20/2023

As corporate media headlines flare about Title 42’s termination, we try to offer some clarity about President Biden’s national immigration policies. And as Memorial Day approaches, we report on a local act of remembrance honoring immigrant workers who have died while performing their jobs.      Read More

JHISN Newsletter 05/06/2023

We update you on the latest twist in statewide redistricting plans, and the failure to make changes to district maps fought for by immigrant communities in Queens, and we report on recent solidarity work by Damayan Migrant Workers Association, in conjunction with the People’s Forum.   Read More

JHISN Newsletter 04/08/2023

We offer two stories this week of immigrant justice struggles here in New York City. First, we report on Mayor Adams’ betrayal of a hard-won agreement between street vendors and look at the brewing battle for a fair and equitable 2024 NYC budget.  And, with grief and outrage, we mark the deaths of 39 migrants in a blaze inside a detention center just across the border from El Paso, Texas, on March 27. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/25/2023

This week’s newsletter is all about the local. The postponement by the Adams administration of a promised wage hike fought for by delivery workers. An update on the new program that allows local groups to sponsor refugees, including here in Jackson Heights. And the statewide campaign to secure health insurance for immigrants.   Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/11/2023

Our first article covers an under-reported story: the recent legal challenge to new city district maps that split the vibrant South Asian community in South Queens into three separate districts. Our second article takes a deeper look behind a news story on immigration that actually is—for the moment—getting lots of attention: the systematic labor exploitation of unaccompanied child migrants.  Read More

JHISN Newsletter 02/25/2023

We report this week on a new federal program to reorganize the sponsorship of refugees in the US, The ‘Welcome Corps’. At the same time, we highlight the current migrant emergency in NYC as tens of thousands arrive in the city, many transported as part of a Republican plan to strain resources, undermine asylum-seekers, and embarrass municipal leaders. It’s working.     Read More