JHISN Newsletter 03/19/2022

The struggle for economic justice as the fight for pandemic aid marches to the steps of the capitol. The inequalities that shape how refugees are welcomed, as millions of Ukrainians join the radical displacement and dispossession experienced by tens of millions. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/05/2022

Our newsletter this week reports on the #StateOfOurLives among immigrant communities close to home — from the recent hunger strike among 50 detainees incarcerated north of NYC, to low-wage women of color workers in the nail salon industry. We honor these vibrant, necessary, ongoing local justice struggles.  Read More

JHISN Newsletter 02/19/2022

Our newsletter this week illustrates the incoherence and political confusion of current US immigration policy. Democrats just proposed a bill to remedy immigration court interference from the executive branch, but Biden continues to embrace the anti-immigrant policies of Title 42. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 02/05/2022

Not all of us know that Ecuadorians compose the largest immigrant community here in central Queens. We offer a story about the history and recent increase in migration from Ecuador, which is also a story about Jackson Heights today.   Read More

JHISN Newsletter 1/22/2022

Today’s newsletter looks at two urgent issues: the lifting of a state eviction moratorium and the resurgent threat of federal ‘public charge’ policies that would deny working-class immigrants access to assistance with food, housing, and health care needs.    Read More

JHISN Newsletter 1/8/2022

Our newsletter looks at the mourning and mobilizing of NYC immigrant workers whose lives are literally on the line in the risky, low-wage business of food delivery and the most recent immigrant-led campaigns to protect essential workers in NY State. Read More