JHISN Newsletter 05/28/2022

This week we look at two scenes of less visible violence. We highlight the story of immigrant women of color, denied abortion rights and reproductive health care. And we report on an NYC-based immigrant justice group fighting the state violence directed at queer and LGBT detainees in the US. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 05/14/2022

This week, JHISN takes a critical look at how immigrant politics are playing out at the national level, under a Democratic-led government. We offer our report with an eye on the future and grassroots justice struggles in our own backyard.    Read More

JHISN Newsletter 04/30/2022

This week’s newsletter highlights the press conference and demonstration by several immigrant justice groups in front of the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center on Tax Day. Participants emphasized that they pay taxes for government programs but rarely receive any benefits from those programs. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 04/17/2022

Our newsletter this week reports on the red tape that Ukraine’s refugees face if they do make it to the US and reviews the many podcasts you can listen to that will broaden your understanding of immigration issues. We conclude with an invitation to share with us what you are listening to if we have missed a favorite podcast of your own! Read More

JHISN Newsletter 04/02/2022

This week we offer a review of the internationally-acclaimed documentary Flee and follow-up on a the ‘March to Albany,’ as hundreds of immigrant activists arrived in the capitol calling for budget justice, and a permanent fix to gaps in the safety net for tens of thousands of immigrant New Yorkers.    Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/19/2022

The struggle for economic justice as the fight for pandemic aid marches to the steps of the capitol. The inequalities that shape how refugees are welcomed, as millions of Ukrainians join the radical displacement and dispossession experienced by tens of millions. Read More