JHISN Newsletter 12/09/2023

As we write, it is day 62 of Israel’s ferocious bombardment of Gaza, following Hamas’ shocking attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers on October 7. We devote this newsletter to the committed actions of one local immigrant justice group that has taken up the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. We support DRUM’s urgent demand. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 11/18/2023

JHISN adds our voice to the humanitarian calls for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. At home, our mayor scapegoats displaced migrants as the reason for cutting city services and our libraries are threatened by budget cuts despite providing critical community services including their Winter Coat Drive. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 11/04/2023

This week’s newsletter offers an update on a tentative agreement that would allow immigrant vendors to return to Corona Plaza. We then take a deeper look at the digital divide that excludes too many migrants from full participation in online worlds. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 10/21/2023

You might have missed the news that Mayor Adams is trying to overturn the city’s decades-old Right to Shelter law. We also give an update on the recent work of Adhikaar, a Queens-based immigrant justice organization—the first in the US to represent Nepali-speaking communities. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 10/07/2023

We debated whether to bring this week’s story to you. Would we be amplifying Curtis Sliwa’s vicious, cynical politics by reporting on them? Should readers who have never heard of Sliwa be introduced to him here? Read More

JHISN Newsletter 09/23/2023

As the seasons turn, we turn again to addressing one of the most pressing issues of immigrant justice here in New York City: the arrival of over 100,000 recent migrants looking for housing, employment, and a livable future. Read More