JHISN Newsletter 04/06/2024

We bring you news this week from the community frontlines of immigrant justice, highlighting the recent work of DRUM. We then offer a frightening look at the publicized plans for the Department of Homeland Security of the notorious Project 2025, a right-wing fever dream should the Republican party control the White House after the next election.  Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/23/2024

Our first story also brings news of change: the shifting landscape of global migration behind an increasing number of West African immigrants arriving in New York City. We then turn to report on the largely invisible stories of Palestinian Americans in Gaza and the West Bank during a relentless war, and the obstacles to immigration even for close family members of Palestinian US citizens. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 03/02/2024

President Trump mocked sanctuary cities and aimed to intensify harassment and deportation. Now, Democratic mayor of New York is undermining the city’s commitment to legal sanctuary. This week’s newsletter offers an update on the cynical moves by the Adams’ administration to deny shelter to asylum seekers who are, literally, being left out in the cold by merciless new policies.  Read More

JHISN Newsletter 02/17/2024

Today’s newsletter focuses on the important work being done by community-based groups to support migrant arrivals in New York City. We then turn to an in-depth story of Peruvian artist Olinda Silvano, co-founder of the migrant Shipibo community in Lima, whose indigenous wisdom sparks creative resistance to environmental threats both here and in Peru. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 01/27/2024

For the first time, our newsletter today offers readers an imaginary ‘report’—inviting us to collectively wonder what our communities could be if immigrant justice for all were in place; what New York City could be if billionaires paid their share and immigrants, asylum seekers, and all of us lived in an everyday world of economic justice. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 01/13/2024

Our first article of 2024 brings you a story of the art and cultural work of people who have been deported or returned to Mexico after growing up in the US, and we report on how the Mayor’s budget cuts to libraries ignore the important programming, outreach, and resources that New York’s public libraries offer immigrant communities and new arrivals.   Read More