JHISN Newsletter 12/03/2022

his week’s newsletter offers a report on how the city is handling the unexpected influx of an estimated 5–7000 newly-enrolled students in NYC public schools, the majority of them recent immigrant arrivals.  Read More

JHISN Newsletter 11/12/2022

We report this week on the current impasse in NYC street vendors’ fight for legal rights and municipal support. We also take a look at the housing justice work of Chhaya in the wake of the fatal storm last year that killed 11 basement tenants, including families here in Central Queens.   Read More

JHISN Newsletter 10/29/2022

Our newsletter this week features an in-depth article on the status of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The fate of tens of thousands of young DACA recipients here in New York is at stake as legislative and judicial wrangling continues, and real lives are upended by uncertainty and the threat of deportation.   Read More

JHISN Newsletter 10/15/2022

In this newsletter, we celebrate a season of debt relief for taxi workers—the triumphant result of years of resolute organizing, sacrifice, and deep solidarity. And we challenge the revival of austerity politics, which aims to keep us frozen in a winter of injustice and income inequality. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 10/01/2022

This week, our update on the latest twist in revisions to NY City Council district maps and a brief comparison of immigration courts in New York and Florida, in what some officials have called the “human trafficking” of migrants by Florida’s governor. Read More

JHISN Newsletter 09/17/2022

We return to the deeply local and global story of migrants being bused from Texas, Arizona, and Florida to northern sanctuary cities. Led by grassroots immigrant justice groups, New York City struggles to respond to the immediate needs of thousands of new arrivals. Read More