Two Centuries Of Deportations

Our infographic might shock you: See the dramatic increase in deportation numbers from the 20th Century to the 21st Century, under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Download and distribute our infographic. Read More

Petition for Ferdoushi Sharif

Ferdoushi Sharif is a Jackson Heights resident and the mother of two daughters, both US citizens. In 2017, Ferdoushi’s husband Bablu Sharif reported for his annual check-in with ICE but was taken into custody and deported to Bangladesh. Now Ferdoushi is also threatened with deportation. Read More

Hit Reset On Immigration

A Moratorium on the detention and deportation on immigrants is needed as the majority of people in the US believe immigration is good for the country and ICE and Border Patrol are committing human rights atrocities. Download our campaign document. Read More