Petition to Keep Border Patrols off Greyhound Buses


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From the ACLU:

Throughout the country, people rely on Greyhound to get to work, visit family, or to simply travel freely. But Greyhound has been letting Border Patrol board its buses to question and arrest passengers without a warrant or any suspicion of wrongdoing. The company is throwing its loyal customers under the bus.

For more than a year, we’ve been urging Greyhound to stop letting Border Patrol board its buses, but the company is refusing to issue a policy protecting its customers. So now we’re taking our fight to the next level.

Greyhound is owned by FirstGroup plc, a multi-national transport group based in the UK, whose own Code of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility contradicts what its subsidiary has been doing to passengers.

“We are committed to recognising human rights on a global basis. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any violations within our company or by business partners.”

Greyhound’s complicity in the Trump deportation machine is a clear violation of the human rights values that FirstGroup professes to uphold. We must raise our voices: Sign the petition to demand that FirstGroup direct Greyhound to comply with its code of ethics. Greyhound must stop throwing customers under the bus.

Sign the ACLU’s petition to FirstGroup plc, the parent company of Greyhound, to demand that they comply with their code of ethics and stop allowing Border Patrol to board and search its buses without probable cause or warrant.

Sign the Petition HERE.

2 comments on “Petition to Keep Border Patrols off Greyhound Buses

  1. Margaret Samu on

    As a regular Greyhound passenger for decades, I am deeply disappointed to learn that the company has been allowing US Border Patrol to question and arrest people on its buses. I am now using other companies (Amtrak and Peter Pan) for my travel. I will not ride Greyhound again until FirstGroup PLC demands that Greyhound comply with its parent company’s code of ethics–which should have been done long ago. This is a clear violation of human rights that needs to be stopped.


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