Proposed Changes to Public Housing Aid

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Proposed Changes to Remove Mixed Status Families from Public Housing Aid

Proposal by HUD to change Housing and Community Development Act of 1980: Verification of Eligible Status

Announced May 10, 2019.  Comment period ends July 9, 2019.

HUD strongly encourages commenters to submit comments electronically.

Current Rules: (1) Undocumented immigrants do not receive Federal housing subsidies.  (2) Families of mixed-immigration status can receive aid as long as at least one person is eligible (for example, a US-born child, a citizen spouse, a green card holder, someone under 62).  (3) Subsidies are prorated to cover only the eligible residents.

New rules are still in the proposal and public comment stage.

It has not been enacted yet.

Proposed New Rules: (1) Every member of a household under 62 must be of “eligible immigration status.”  (2) Undocumented immigrants may no longer sign leases for subsidized housing even if their children are entitled to prorated benefits.

Consequences: (1) Families of mixed status would no longer be permitted to live in public housing.  Members with legal status would be permitted to stay, however, others cannot.  (2) Fear of family separation would likely drive out the whole family, including US-born children.  (3) HUD estimates 55,000 children in New York, California, and Texas will be affected.  (4) An increase in homeless people is likely because of the lack of affordable housing.

Submit a comment electronically before July 9, 2019

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5 comments on “Proposed Changes to Public Housing Aid

  1. catherine O'Keeffe on

    How many more people do we want to make homeless? More people, starving & dirty, roaming the streets? Is this really America – land of the free & home of the brave??

    Leave the current rules in place!

  2. Jennifer Bojanowski on

    Dear HUD Officials,

    I am STRONGLY OPPOSED to the Proposed Changes to Remove Mixed Status Families from Public Housing Aid. If those in government positions do not take a stand against the humanitarian crisis this Administration has created, when will this ever stop?

    Jennifer Bojanowski, LCSW

  3. uda bradford on

    Please support the current HUD rules. They reflect humane values that are an important asset to our stated beliefs.

  4. Sylvia G. Samilton-Baker on

    It boggles the mind why we are not more compassionate in our endeavor to be our ‘brothers and sisters keeper’. As a former director of a homeless shelter, there should be no question as to whether we leave the current rules in effect. We have far too many homeless and this is a terrible impact upon families.

  5. David Rogers on

    You should be denied housing because an undocumented family member lives with you? That is a witch-hunt, if not an out-and-out purge. Shame on America if it degenerates into that.


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