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Ferdoushi Sharif is a Jackson Heights resident and the mother of two daughters, both US citizens. In 2017, the family suffered great trauma when Ferdoushi's husband Bablu Sharif reported for his annual check-in with ICE but was taken into custody, sent to the Hudson County, N.J.  detention facility, transferred to Louisiana and then to Arizona, and finally deported to Bangladesh. Now Ferdoushi is also threatened with deportation.

Bablu had resided in the U.S. for almost 25 years, as a hard-working, devoted husband and father who was the main supporter of his family. Since 2017, Bablu’s family has been without their primary breadwinner.

Ferdoushi’s teenage daughters are neither old enough nor developmentally prepared to fend for themselves, and there are no relatives in the U.S. to substitute for their mother.

Join with others who are defending Ferdoushi Sharif’s right to remain in the U.S. with her daughters. You can help her pursue her case for permanent residency and citizenship in the U.S.

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Ferdoushi Sharif Petition

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