Monitoring The Candidate Positions

Our group does not endorse candidates, because we believe our efforts are more inclusive, broad, and effective if we remain independent. We have monitored each candidate’s positions relevant to immigration policies and created a position tracker page on our website to help you see what they say about policies that impact immigrants.

Looking at a large field of candidates there are challenges to compare opinions. If the candidates say very similar things you can’t really discern any difference between them. If one takes a stance that differentiates them from the others, then we start to wonder – can they pull it off since it is not the consensus opinion?

Ultimately you need to ask yourself, can I determine if I like the candidate because of their policies, or because of their personality? Our position tracker gives you the opportunity to discover which candidate is most closely aligned to your own preferences.

We reviewed each candidate’s websites and opinion statements. We identified a number of policy areas that collectively every candidate had. Then we looked at each candidate again to see if they had stated an opinion on each area. If we could not find a clear opinion, or if the candidate’s statement is only a non-committal opposition to the current administration’s policies, then we indicate that the candidate has no opinion.

When you review our position tracker the names of the candidates are hidden from immediate view. This allows you to read all the positions independently of knowing who has the opinion. Pick the position you most agree with and then you can reveal the name(s) of the candidates with that opinion.

If you discover there are a couple of candidates that you like, you can also use our web tool to show all of the opinions of each candidate. You can then print them out and do a side by side comparison.


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